Personal Umbrella

Umbrella insurance is there to protect you if you end up in a situation where you’re liable for something beyond the scope of your existing insurance coverage. Similar to an umbrella, which covers you and the area around you from falling rain, your umbrella policy is there to fill in coverage caps that you may have from your other insurance policies.

For example, if your teen driver is at fault in an auto accident where they injure a renowned surgeon, he is unable to work for a period of months, and sues you for lost wages, the coverage requirements would almost certainly exceed what your standard auto policy would cover. That’s where the umbrella comes in. Instead of relying solely upon your auto insurance coverage, which may not meet your needs in a complex accident such as this, a Georgia umbrella insurance policy provides the additional coverage and peace of mind you may need.

Umbrella Insurance in Acworth, Georgia

Umbrella Insurance can assist in the claim and payment processes by covering costs when all other insurance is exhausted. This doesn’t mean it acts in place of existing policies — you still want to stay up-to-date ith your auto, homeowner’s, renter’s boat, and other insurance policies that apply to your lifestyle. But the peace of mind that umbrella insurance provides can help you to sleep well at night, knowing that unexpected liability and expenses are covered.

Choosing an umbrella policy simplifies your claims and coverage process, should an event arise where you need to make use of the policy. When you work with our professional team at Gracepoint Insurance, we can streamline your claims process to work between policies and employ your umbrella insurance when necessary, without having to make you run around coordinating your individual policies.

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