Church Insurance

A church is so much more than the property it sits on! To ensure your church is covered in the event of an emergency, you want to not only cover losses, but provide stability and continuity of services for those who rely on your ministry.

There are a variety of insurance options for churches, but the two main categories include:

Property coverage covers your building and the items inside of it. Not only does it cover the typical property items, like buildings and office equipment, but when it comes to insuring church property, you may wish to cover unique items, like:

  • Newly constructed property, such as a new chapel or school buildings
  • Pastor’s belongings, like those in the church office or at a parish house located on church property
  • Items lost on a missions trip or during other church-sponsored activities that occur offsite
  • Stained glass and other religious art
  • Organ and other musical equipment
  • Electronic equipment, such as a sound system in the sanctuary

Liability coverage covers your organization’s liability, during emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances. For churches, this coverage can include:

  • Personal insurance liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Hired and non-owned auto liability
  • Sexual misconduct liability
  • Governing board liability
  • Emotional injury liability

There are some other insurance categories that your church might qualify for, including:

Church medical insurance covers individuals who might receive injury on your property or during church events taking place offsite.

Crime insurance protects your property in the event of theft, forgery or other loss by crime, including cyber crime and employee fraud.

Daycare and school medical insurance provides protection for participants in an onsite church daycare, preschool, and/or school program.

Inland marine insurance protects valuable items that may be lost or damaged during transport for church-related purposes.

If you’re looking for comprehensive options for insuring your church and congregants during church events both on- and offsite, contact Gracepoint Insurance for a free quote!